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  • ⁣Not sure what is more unsettling: that it stands, or that it breathes.
  • ⁣What a weirdo, He is perfect. +1
  • ⁣Cats are so weird. Look at that fellow, t-rexing and shit. I love them.
  • ⁣Cops see the weirdest stuff every day, gonna have try harder.
  • ⁣Horse girls are so weird
  • ⁣Cats are so weird. I love them.
  • Weird ⁣Frenchie
  • ⁣"Stop wanking my nose, weirdo"
  • ⁣The horse girl
  • ⁣A human cat?
  • 😅😅
  • When I realize that I do weird things 😂
  • It's a different cat ⁣😮

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