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#tom and jerry

  • ⁣Me thinking about going back to work tomorrow
  • ⁣Just let me sleep Tom.
  • ⁣Slap tommy, too many lööps
  • ⁣Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans
  • Automated job
  • A dog as a ⁣customer service in this store
  • A stray dog in Turkey, comes to the same car wash a couple times a week to use the automatic petting machine
  • ⁣Kittens watching Tom and Jerry
  • ⁣Phantom pains
  • ⁣The best customer services 😁
  • Time lapse of my stomach this coming Sunday with all the Super Bowl food
  • Genuinely took me awhile to figure out it was an automatic door and not the force 😭😂

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