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  • ⁣Put you're stupid phone down, and give that kitty the attention it wants/deserves NAO!
  • ⁣stupid and cute puppy
  • ⁣This is how beer battered fish get their flavour.
  • ⁣Awh who’s my big idiot
  • Why? Cat
  • ⁣That's a nice house
  • ⁣The cat is a hat.
  • ⁣Thats what you call "experience".
  • ⁣It is not easy to be quarantined for long time
  • ⁣I’m gonna get you ⁣tiny spider
  • Dog vs tennis net
  • Enough internet for today...
  • ⁣Never be tiny, drunk and stupid at the same time. It will not end well.
  • ⁣Rollin' in the Deep
  • catwalk
  • ⁣What was the goal here? Stir the blender with a spoon?
  • What?! 😕
  • ⁣Is that dude climbing Everest after stopping by the zoo?
  • ⁣That's stupidly smart
  • ⁣God had nothing to do with that
  • ⁣When you try to click a link and the page moves at the last second
  • ⁣That's why you need the seat belt
  • work out wrong
  • There is no limit to stupidity
  • Photobomb😅😅
  • When you realize you f**ked up
  • 😅😅
  • Poor truck driver, having to deal with stupidity so unexpectedly.
  • 😂😂
  • Don't blink or you'll miss it
  • 1 2 y 3... 😂
  • He have the chance to encounter a beautiful animal and he do that?  What a tanso  😠
  • I can watch this GIF for hours 😂
  • Sensors successfully installed! 😜😂😂
  • Don't celebrate too early 😂
  • Security is Top 1 priority
  • Thanks God there are male's in this world 😂😂😂
  • 😂😂
  • Jumper 🤣 🤣
  • ⁣ You're drunk go home 😆
  • I'm sorry sir tou have to pay for that. No worries we also take credit card 😏
  • I hope it's not Nokia 😲
  • He would also set the world record of spoiling his lungs ever faster than anyone
  • ⁣when you think you are smarter than you really are 😄
  • Ow man really sorry didn't see you were here
  • Can't stop laugh
  • Stupidity level over 9000

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