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#star wars

  • ⁣Mr Stark, I don't feel so good
  • Hold this ⁣light saber for a second please
  • ⁣Was waiting for him to start flinging him around
  • ⁣Start Her Up!
  • ⁣Was wondering how the hell they let a bear on a flight at the start of the gif.
  • ⁣Cat.exe failed to start
  • ⁣Is that *engine starting sound* in the background??
  • Me Just a few hours before the weekend starts 😂
  • His reaction lol... I think he decided to start exercising while on the floor 😂
  • Genuinely took me awhile to figure out it was an automatic door and not the force 😭😂
  • What if wars were fought like this?

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