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#sad reallity

  • ⁣Anyone: "hows it going?" Me: "I'm Good" Also Me:
  • ⁣How did I get so sad so fast :’(
  • ⁣Police violence against an old man with a can
  • sad girl
  • ⁣collages of photos of people that live completely differ
  • ⁣Melania Trump's smile turns into sad frown when Donald turns his back
  • "⁣You had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around."
  • I miss you my friend ⁣😢😢
  • Drunk at the bar trying to look sober.
  • Sometimes you need to relax and think about life
  • Two days are not enough for a weekend ☹
  • Doggo is sad because tiny hooman has to go to school ☹
  • I know you're sad...but I need you to pull yourself together and fill my food bowl..
  • Sad life

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