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  • ⁣Parental instinct is strong
  • ⁣Sweet mother of baby chackens, I need that kitten cuddle puddle in my life.
  • look at me mom
  • ⁣After 3 years of distance, he goes to kiss the feet of his mother, a sign of respect. She sits right down with him. A pure joy.
  • ⁣Authority motherfucker, do you have it?
  • A mother hen protects her chicks from the rain
  • ⁣My mother always said, if you're going to be a failure at least own up to it.
  • ⁣IrresponsIble mother loses her baby
  • ⁣Funny mother cat breastfeeds her kittens
  • Mother dog protecting her puppy 😍🐶
  • The best mother ever 😂😂
  • Mother protecting children is the strongest creature on the planet

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