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#flexible people

  • ⁣both of these people are 10x more flexible than me.
  • How I wash my hair
  • ⁣That initial flinch...
  • ⁣I wonder if this man will ever know how many people he has made smile just by being himself
  • ⁣A true wingman, is never off duty.
  • Help from helicopter
  • ⁣impressive
  • ⁣The Da Vinci of painting
  • Funny robotic dance
  • ⁣Incredible strength
  • Work smart not hard
  • ⁣Opponents huddle around soccer player so she can fix her hijab
  • ⁣finally, after 349 takes...
  • high kick
  • ⁣She’s fun at Hanukkah
  • ⁣I love nice mail people. They bring your mail and a big smile for the day.
  • ⁣collages of photos of people that live completely differ
  • ⁣People fighting behind a live sports newscast.
  • hello people
  • ⁣Cats ⁣loves to make people uncomfortable.
  • When people ask you to take care of their babies.
  • sometimes people are awesome
  • Man putting people's lives at risk, to save a kitten
  • Those three people better go play the lottery they are so lucky
  • waaw 😍
  • A sports teacher helps a handicapped girl to dance 👏👏
  • Awesome people 😍 😍 😍

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