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  • ⁣Silly mode eyes
  • ⁣The eyes are glorious, but it's the smile that sells it.
  • ⁣What a freaking sweetheart. That smile, them eyes
  • ⁣That cat is blind from getting a laser shined in it's eyes too many times.
  • ⁣Same, kitten, same
  • ⁣LOOK AT THOSE EYES!! I would not be able to refuse this cat of anything it ever wanted.
  • ⁣dann with the Blue eyes she looks like Alexandra daddario
  • ⁣Uh oh, she got stuck in recalibration mode again.
  • ⁣spitting vaping vapor through the eyes
  • ⁣The light got in his eyes aww
  • ⁣Dear god those eyes
  • Cat with the most stunningly beautiful eyes 😍 😍

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