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  • Cute puppy with ⁣huge ears
  • ⁣Motorcycle helmet with ears
  • He close his ear when he sleep
  • ⁣Those ears tho
  • ⁣Look at those cute ears tho lol
  • ⁣These are one of those moments you remember at 3am 5 years later
  • ⁣The harvest appears to be bountiful this year.
  • ⁣After 3 years of distance, he goes to kiss the feet of his mother, a sign of respect. She sits right down with him. A pure joy.
  • ⁣"Where do you see yourself in ten years?"
  • When it's sunday night and you were hyped for GoT and then remembered you have to wait like 2 years for the next episode
  • I'm in tears this is too cute 😍 😍

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