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#cute girl

  • ⁣"F*** your arbitrary choices, im taking both."
  • ⁣She's so precious that wee one!
  • ⁣I cannot explain how much I LOVE wee squeaky kitten meows.
  • ⁣Same, kitten, same
  • ⁣Cat needs oil. Running a little rough.
  • ⁣I’d like to play a little tune called “Bonk the Chonk.”
  • Cute sea lion
  • ⁣D'awww look at it! It best be called Whiskey!
  • This kitten is obsessed with his big brother
  • ⁣Put you're stupid phone down, and give that kitty the attention it wants/deserves NAO!
  • ⁣38 cosplay in 15 seconds
  • ⁣One girl 5 cups! ⁣Party of one
  • ⁣Dating as a tall woman. 6'5" (2 meters)
  • ⁣Watching a football in restaurant with your girlfriend
  • ⁣A little girl crosses in front of a car (Vietnam)
  • May I offer you an egg
  • ⁣Diane Guerrero
  • ⁣In nature, this is called “presenting”.
  • ⁣Nice shot’s a carp.
  • ⁣Hammer time

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