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#cute dog

  • ⁣I want the floofy chonk !! 😻
  • ⁣I wonder if this man will ever know how many people he has made smile just by being himself
  • ⁣Best classmate ever
  • ⁣Um sir your dog accidentally swallowed a squeaky toy
  • ⁣My 65lb boxer does that to me too
  • ⁣"F*** your arbitrary choices, im taking both."
  • ⁣She's so precious that wee one!
  • ⁣I cannot explain how much I LOVE wee squeaky kitten meows.
  • ⁣Same, kitten, same
  • ⁣Cat needs oil. Running a little rough.
  • ⁣After 6 weeks apart
  • ⁣25/10 Would say 'hello fren', if seen out and about.
  • ⁣Like a little kid who just got new shoes.
  • Dog smile
  • ⁣"It was different from what I expected" - Doggo
  • ⁣Well hello there
  • ⁣Hey, we’re, ah not allowed to dig up n the yard.
  • ⁣"It is I, Dog."
  • ⁣Nothing there but a whole lot of love and trust

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