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  • ⁣[muffled] "I was just helping it cross the road...honest."
  • ⁣Spider-chicken, Spider-chicken. Does whatever a Spider-chicken does.
  • ⁣Why are chickens in clothing so fucking funny?
  • ⁣Umm Rooster, you need to start asking some questions
  • ⁣Front page deserves this.
  • ⁣chicken head doesn't move
  • Cat eating his food
  • Enough internet for today...
  • Cock: ⁣"Hey, that's my chick"
  • ⁣Damn Chicken
  • ⁣Hey! doggo, it’s just a chicken.
  • A mother hen protects her chicks from the rain
  • When food is ready 😂😂
  • Scary cat 😂😂
  • Don't eat with me

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