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#cat vs water

  • Cat turned off after ⁣sniffing a smelly foot
  • ⁣This is like one of those 'there has to be an easier way' infomercials.
  • ⁣The end justified.
  • ⁣Empathy? From a cat? I think evolution took a wrong turn somewhere!
  • ⁣Oooh another sprit animal for me
  • ⁣Stop! Cant you see I'm busy?
  • wake up! its time to play
  • ⁣Cat traumatized for life
  • ⁣this is eye watering ?
  • ⁣Me thinking about going back to work tomorrow
  • ⁣heckin unit right there
  • ⁣My cat would do entirely the opposite
  • ⁣Mess With the Honk You Get The Bonk
  • Dog now VS. he was a puppy
  • ⁣Ambulance vs Backhoe
  • Trump vs Biden
  • ⁣Kitty saves himself!
  • ⁣Dog: ⁣"Get... get it out of there please."
  • ⁣Confused cat
  • ⁣innocent VS Angry cat
  • ⁣breakdance watermill
  • ⁣Seal relaxing halfway under water
  • Getting some water at 4am
  • ⁣This punishment is nolonger working with my cat
  • ⁣SO COLD
  • ⁣dog sacrificed running water for the sake of the other dogs
  • ⁣Water Shoes
  • ⁣Puppy inside a watermelon 🍉🐶
  • ⁣⁣He's got his shade and his water, he's set
  • Dog loves her new water fountain

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