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  • The way this ⁣driver treats that transmission.
  • ⁣"He’s busy. Get out my face sis."
  • ⁣Business was good for Kitty this year. He is calculating his cat tax.
  • ⁣No words were spoken
  • ⁣The marriage of electronics and emotional hardship.
  • ⁣Bus Driver Prevents Pedestrian Accident
  • Old gag
  • hero bus driver narrowly avoid collision with spun-out car 😲
  • this is absolutely animal abuse 😱
  • AIRBUS hard crosswind landing during a storm
  • me: what's up them: none of your businessme:
  • Me when i'm hungry and i'm busy 😂
  • When you take the bus 😂
  • ⁣Sorry! Busy!

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