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  • ⁣Wish there was bodycam footage of it.
  • ⁣Yep. Smiled.
  • ⁣The ad board makes it seem like the player is sliding on the floor
  • ⁣Damn, what a basket! They should award TWO points for that.
  • Bbarack Obama: How to shoot your shot
  • ⁣Nothin but neck.
  • ⁣impressive
  • ⁣Michael Jordon’s Pre-Game Tradition
  • ⁣Brother is helping his sister to make the shot
  • Beat with an NBA player
  • ⁣Kobe explaining the game to his daughter
  • ⁣I'll take this
  • ⁣Wait a minute...
  • ⁣I had the best seat to watch the match
  • ⁣Headshot!
  • Clever
  • WTF 😧
  • How to control the game
  • That moment when you think you have thrown away all your problems from your life 😑😑
  • Don't celebrate too early 😂
  • Basketball Playing Dog 😂

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