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  • ⁣Impressive effort on all parts. Respect.
  • ⁣A man gave his t-shirt to a homeless man on an NYC Subway
  • We can do it!! (by Jan Smitz)
  • ⁣How ⁣germans react when an emergency vehicle want to pass during heavy traffic
  • ⁣Ref saves fighters head from hitting floor
  • ⁣After 3 years of distance, he goes to kiss the feet of his mother, a sign of respect. She sits right down with him. A pure joy.
  • Firefighter administers rescue breaths while descending ladder
  • This bull recognize and respect his old owner who sold him
  • Respect Ibra 👏👏
  • Johnny Sins, You sir have earned my respect❤
  • Respect for this motorcyclist ! May the driver of the car learn to respect his neighbor 😑

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