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⁣Washington DC new metro pass ⁣show the metro map when you look at it with your phone or smart glasses


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  • ⁣Those big dino feet!
  • ⁣”I take”
  • ⁣Because..after I do them..I wanna take a pistol to myself.
  • ⁣Unexpected
  • Belgian shepherd jumps
  • ⁣Roombas mating dance.
  • Vote Trump
  • ⁣absolute sweethearts.
  • ⁣Anyone: "hows it going?" Me: "I'm Good" Also Me:
  • ⁣I'm gonna get you!
  • ⁣there got to be a better way
  • Donald Trump dance
  • ⁣Well done dad, creating unforgettable memories. 👍
  • ⁣Boop to open the menu... What?
  • ⁣Monster under the bed
  • ⁣Kitty sleeps everywhere
  • ⁣Creepy Trump
  • ⁣I like seeing how many people reached out to help
  • courage
  • ⁣Dude that is irresponsiblllllllllllol