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⁣The acting in this is as good as those infomercial videos.


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  • SleepyPups
  • ehh ehhh
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  • ⁣[muffled] "I was just helping it cross the road...honest."
  • ⁣The cheeks! The little peachy cheeks!
  • ⁣Mom cat protecting her baby
  • No God Please No
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  • ⁣Dog wait for the ball. Sleeping man
  • ⁣Intelligent bird really wonderfull bird
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  • Cat love money
  • ⁣tiny meows
  • ⁣Spider-chicken, Spider-chicken. Does whatever a Spider-chicken does.
  • ⁣I know an ant eater when I see one
  • Perfect loop
  • ⁣I want to be that happy
  • My ⁣tech support
  • ⁣Big boys got the moves.