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I know you're sad...but I need you to pull yourself together and fill my food bowl..


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  • ⁣So close
  • ⁣These street gangs are out of control
  • ⁣Mooove along! - Cow
  • ⁣Wow, better not hide in a tree with these boys.
  • ⁣I need this bird
  • Football
  • ⁣Everone else who wanted cake
  • ⁣Oooh another sprit animal for me
  • ⁣Yup. Life lesson. People be like that.
  • ⁣J. Löw does what he does best
  • ⁣Stop! Cant you see I'm busy?
  • wake up! its time to play
  • ⁣Stealth mode engaged
  • ⁣I thought it was cool 🤷‍♀️