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Hearing your name in your coworker's conversation. 👀


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  • ⁣Damn Indigo children.
  • ⁣She's so precious that wee one!
  • ⁣Adult life... ⁣No way out
  • ⁣"It is I, Dog."
  • ⁣I cannot explain how much I LOVE wee squeaky kitten meows.
  • ⁣Nothing there but a whole lot of love and trust
  • Adorable Panda
  • ⁣Cops see the weirdest stuff every day, gonna have try harder.
  • ⁣Black diamonds and white cloud apples
  • ⁣That dog knows exactly what he's doing.
  • ⁣Damn, what a basket! They should award TWO points for that.
  • ⁣lick Consider this a warning!
  • ⁣Great training on the dogs.
  • No thank you
  • ⁣Weee
  • ⁣The suspense is palpable.
  • ⁣Same, kitten, same