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⁣He's holding back the door to the demon world of fire and brimstone.


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  • Dobranoc🌛🌟✴
  • ⁣Life of modern people
  • ⁣That cat trusts you with its life. Be proud and gracious.
  • ⁣I need a chiropractor just from watching.
  • ⁣Wrong Mom
  • ⁣Toasted marshmallows
  • Very friendly cats
  • ⁣Now, that's a hotdog!!
  • ⁣Silly mode eyes
  • ⁣it's fishing time
  • ⁣[CTRL+C] [ctrl+v]
  • ⁣Let's go
  • ⁣That's what a parasitic relationship looks like
  • Cute puppy with ⁣huge ears
  • ⁣Not sure what is more unsettling: that it stands, or that it breathes.
  • ⁣The eyes are glorious, but it's the smile that sells it.
  • ⁣What a weirdo, He is perfect. +1
  • ⁣Smooth like butter!